Return Policy

We understand the possibilities of misfits, colour differences, damages, or defects. We want all our customers to make purchases with 100 percent satisfaction. So, if you feel that the purchase you made does not satisfy you, we can always arrange a return, followed by a refund for the same.

How do I return my product?

You can return a product at INOX DECOR by logging in with your credentials and by visiting the My Account section. Click on Return Item and follow the steps mentioned to obtain the Return ID. Once the Return ID gets generated, 
For Home and Kitchen Accessories, please pack the following into a sealed bag:
1. The returned product
2. The price-tags
3. A piece of paper with the Order ID and Return ID written on it.

For Digital products, please pack the following into the returns bag provided to you upon delivery. This is a tamper free bag.
1. The returned product
2. The product box
3. A piece of paper with the Order ID and Return ID written on it
From the time the Return ID is generated, we shall pick up the product and initiate a refund within 10 Business Days.

If we are picking up the product, we will do so within 5 Business Days.
If you’re shipping the product to us, your refund should get initiated within 1 Business Day from the moment we receive the returned product at our Warehouse.

What is your returns policy?

At INOX DECOR, we have a very flexible returns policy which is absolutely customer friendly.

Home and Kitchen Accessories:

If you do not find the product satisfying, you can return it as long as the following conditions are met: 

• It should be unused. You can wear it to check for fit and comfort, making sure that any smell does not transfer to the product (Example: natural body odour, body deodorant, perfume etc.)
• It should be unwashed. We don’t want you wasting any detergent! ☺
• The price tags, brand tags, shoe-box and all original packaging must be present 
• The product must be returned within 30 days 
• Any gifts received must also be returned along with the product

Digital products:

 If there are any issues with the operating of the product or any other functioning issues, please reach out to us within 7 days of receiving the product and we shall process a return.

Does the returns policy change for any INOX DECOR promotions?

At times, the returns policy may vary. To get the exact information, always refer to the Terms and Conditions of the promotion running at that time. That said, we always strive to keep our policies as flexible and customer friendly as possible. ☺

What are the returnable products at INOX DECOR and under what conditions can they be returned?

Product CategoryReturn Period
Home and Kitchen AccessoriesAny premium wire series, satin series, basket series, waste bin series, cabinet organisers, overhead organisers, etc…30 days from the date of delivery – as long as the product is unused and the price tags are intact

What if I don’t like the product as soon as it is delivered? Can I return the product to the courier person?

Please don’t do that! We have a very flexible policy where you can get a Return ID generated by giving us a call. Once it is generated, the product will get picked up within three business days. 

Our courier partners are instructed to not accept a package as a return while performing a package delivery.

Is there an option where I can try the product and then decide to buy it?

Currently we don’t have that policy, but if you don’t like the product after purchasing, you definitely have the option of returning it.

Can I exchange a product for another product on the website?

Unfortunately, at this time we don’t have that option. Alternatively, you could return the product and purchase a new one.

Will I be charged for the returns?

If we’re picking up the product, it’s on us. You won’t have to pay anything. For some reason, if you’re having to send the product to us, it’s still on us. You can refer to our Self-Shipping policy for more details.

If I have paid shipping charges and return the order, will I be refunded the shipping charges?

If you have returned all the products in your order, you will be refunded the entire shipping charges. If you return the order partially, the shipping charges will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.

Are there specific conditions under which the product returns/replacements may be rejected?

To guarantee you the best service, we have a very convenient 30-day return policy from the time the product gets delivered to you. 

Here are some conditions which might cause a return to get rejected:

1. For Home and Kitchen Accessories, in case the 30 days return period has lapsed, the product cannot be returned to us.
2. For Electronic or Digital products, in case the 7 days return period has lapsed, the product cannot be returned to us. In case of any issues with the product, you can reach out to the brand customer care team 
3. For Electronics, if the reason for return is “Change of Mind” or if you don’t need the product anymore.
4. If the product has been picked up, and it fails the quality check at our warehouse due to product usage, defect, missing tags or packaging, the return might get rejected. We will then ship the product back to you at no extra cost. 
5. We also do not process a return for items that are classified as non-returnable. You can refer to the Non-Returnable policy for more details.

Do I need to return the product in its original box/packaging?

Yes, it’s important that the product is sent back in its original packaging, with original manufacturer tags, including the box, manufacturer’s packaging if any, and all other items originally included with the product(s) delivered (including any free or complimentary items). Not doing so might result in the Return getting rejected.

For Buy-One-Get-One offers, do I have to return the gift when I return a product?

This changes from offer to offer. In certain instances, you might have to return the free product. In some instances, you might not need to and the pricing/discount would be adjusted on a pro-rated basis. Do check the Promotions Terms and Conditions to know more about this.

Do I have to return the whole order?

Not at all! You do not need to return the whole order.

When is the refund for my return provided?

As soon as a Return ID is generated, the product would be picked up within three business days. As soon as it has been picked up, it would take the same amount of time for the product to reach us as it took for Initial Delivery. Once it reaches our warehouse, within one business day, a refund would be processed by us post successful Quality Check. 

If you paid for the order using cash, you will receive a refund in the form of store-credit. 

If you paid for the order using Credit Card/Debit Card/Net-banking, you will receive a refund to your source account. It should reflect within 5-7 business days.

When will my request for replacement get accepted?

Currently, we do not replace any products. However, we urge you to take complete advantage of our Returns Policy. You can return the product and purchase a new one.

I haven’t received my refund amount yet. Please help!

Within one business day of receiving the returned product at our facility, we perform a quality check, and if everything is in place, we process the refund. 

Once you have received a confirmation email from us about the refund, be assured that the refund amount will be credited to your account. The number of days it takes for the credit to reflect in your account will depend on your bank. Typically, it shouldn’t take more than 5-7 business days. 

Also, In case you paid for the order using cash and have not received any store-credit, reach out to us and we’ll sort it out for you.

What do I do if I change my mind after processing a return and want to retain the product?

Please give us a call and inform us. We would be more than happy if you would want to keep your purchase ☺

My area is not serviceable for return, how do I return my order?

We strive to service all pin codes in India for forward and reverse delivery. But don’t worry, even if your pin code is not serviceable, you can still return the product by following the steps given below:

1. Within 30 days (for Home and Kitchen Accessories) from the date of delivery, please ensure that the Return ID is generated. We will request you to self- ship this item. 
2. Please send us the following items in a sealed bag: 
          a. Product 
          b. Brand Labels and Tags 
          c. Price Tags/Shoe box 
          d. Return ID and Order ID written on a piece of paper 
* If it is a digital product, please pack the product in the Returns bag provided to you upon delivery.
3. Please courier the item to our Returns Address: 

          SHIP TO:
          Returns Manager – INOX DECOR INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED

Plot No.1/2, Block B-1 Main Najafgarh Road, Janakpuri East New Delhi – 110058

  1. Notify us about the courier name and tracking number as soon as you have dispatched it. We want to keep an eye on it too! 
    5. Give us one business day after receiving the product, to perform a quality check, post that we will process your refund. 

Will you refund the courier charges if I send the product back to you at my cost?

Absolutely! We will provide an additional refund of INR 150/- as store credits in case you have shipped the returned product to us by yourself.

How much will I be refunded if I return a product and what is the mode of refund?

We promise to refund the entire amount paid for the product, including any taxes that were paid – no strings attached!

The mode of refund depends on the mode of payment for the order.

Credit CardRefund to Credit Card Account
Debit CardRefund to Debit Card Account
Net-BankingRefund to Bank Account
Cash on DeliveryRefund as Store-Credit
Store Credit + another modeRefund as Store Credit + Refund as applicable

I paid for an INOX DECOR order using PAYTM . If I return a product, where will I get my refund?

The amount paid for the product will be credited back to your PAYTM  wallet.

How do I transfer money to a bank account using PAYTM  App?

Please get in touch with our partner PAYTM  Customer Care

What do I do in case the 7 days period for returning electronics has lapsed and there is an issue with my product?

Please get in touch with the customer care of the manufacturer and they will help fix any issues you might have.

I’m having problems operating the digital product I received.

If there is a problem within 7 days of receiving the product, we shall try to help you fix the issue.
If there is a problem highlighted after the returns period, please reach out to the customer care of the manufacturer and they will help fix this issue.

I have received the product and haven’t tampered the seal yet. Can I return the product?

Unfortunately, an electronic product cannot be returned for a change of mind.

Who do I contact if the Service Centre of the manufacturer is denying me service within the warranty period?

Please get in touch with us at info@inoxdecor.com