INOX trouser and Tie Rack. This trouser rack can be mounted mounted on the left or right side of your cupboard and is designed to use space efficiently. It stores up to 4 pairs of trousers and 25 ties. You simply pull out the rack on its quality ball bearing slider to get access to your trouser collection, and push it back in again to neatly store your trousers away. It even folds down flat with the cupboard wall to save even more space!

The sliding unit and trouser arms are constructed from strong metal so that it can easily take the weight of up to 4 pairs of trousers and 25 ties. The trouser arms are well separated so that you can easily access and hang a pair of trousers.

This comes with fixing screws and is simple to install. Many customers install two – one above the other – so they maximise the use of vertical space in their cupboard or wardrobe. It can also be installed in your laundry as a convenient drying rack.

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Dimensions 215.9 × 457.2 × 50.8 mm